Brook Forest Water District



Brook Forest Water District is a special district formed under provisions of the Colorado State Statutes, which has five elected public officials. The Board provides for the financing and for the operations of a water distribution system which delivers water to community residents in southwestern Evergreen, Colorado. The Board has powers to impose service fees and taxes and to adopt Rules and Regulations governing the use of the District's system.


Please review Appendix A below, as the Board of Directors approved a change to the cost of the late fees charged to customers if payment of quarterly fees are received after the due dates!  If you have questions, please contact the Billing office or email us.

The 3rd Quarter Newsletters will be going out the first week of July, which will also include a copy of Appendix A for your reference -- Section 8.09, C. will have the Water Service Fee Table which outlines the quarterly invoice due dates and late fees.

Call us at 800-544-9903 or email us at

today to get your invoice delivered via EMAIL!

WEEK 17 CONSTRUCTION UPDATE (August 18, 2018):

Hello from the District,

Another productive week.

A further 324’ of new 6” main and a 6” gate valve was installed this week. We are currently at the intersection of Forest Estates Rd and Piny Point.

Patching was done on Thursday and Friday.



Thanks for your patience with the traffic situation but I would like to remind

drivers to be very cautious and drive at a considerably reduced speed through
the construction zone we don’t need law enforcement on site to police drivers
Thank you. Brook Forest Water